Control Panel

The MCP-R is capable of controlling all of MYCOM's industry leading reciprocating compressors and provides advance features not found in earlier models, such as alarm/failure history, motor amp monitoring, digital I/O monitoring, and Ethernet connectivity.

  • Easy-to-use 5.7" grayscale touch screen
  • Remote start & stop
  • 100% running and 100% request output for auto-staging control and a standard reciprocating compressor bank step control.

This simplified architecture of the touch screen menu permits operators to quickly access information. Navigating to other screens is as simple as touching the menu button. HMI and CPU can be accessed via USB and Ethernet connectivity. The HMI software can be easily updated through the USB by the use of a flash drive. The MCP-R is on the proven Allen Bradley platform.

Screen size 115 x 86 mm
Resolution 320 x 240
Display communication Ethernet, USB 2.0
HMI Input Voltage 18 ~ 32 VDC
Control voltage 120 VAC / 240 VAC
Communication protocols MODBUS RTU, ETHERNET IP

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