Line Freezer


IQF linear belt freezer with fluidization process for fast freezing of products. Ideal for freezing fruit, vegetables and fishery products without clumping.

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  • High quality IQF products
  • High yield
  • Energy saving
  • Wide range of product capacity
  • Global coverage

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A strong upward air flow and belt vibrator are applied on the first belt to scatter the products evenly and to freeze the product surface. Then the products are transferred to the second belt to be frozen all the way to the center before discharge.

Models MFF 1200C, 1500C, 1800C, 2100C, 2400C
Refrigeration Capacity 95TR (334kW) ~ 650TR (2,285kW)
Enclosure Length 25ft (7.6m) ~ 78ft (23.6m)
Enclosure Width 14ft (4.2m) ~ 19ft (5.8m)
Enclosure Height 13.5ft (4.1m) ~ 18ft (5.5m)

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