M-Liner Freezer


Compact design IQF linear freezer ideal for product cooling, chilling, freezing and hardening. Package style for easy transport and ready to operate after delivered to site.

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  • High quality IQF products
  • Easy operation
  • Energy and space saving
  • Sanitary
  • Global coverage

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Varied belt configurations (single, cascade, double and triple) allow wide range of product applications. The equipment is fully assembled in factory and ready to operate after connecting to the utilities.

Models M-Liner-73, 76, 79, 712, 93, 96, 99, 912
Capacity 1,000lb/hr (450kg/hr) ~ 7,700lb/hr (3,500kg/hr)
Effective Belt Width 30" (762mm) ~ 36" (914mm)
Effective Belt Area 35.6ft2 (3.3m2) ~ 171ft2 (15.8m2)
Refrigeration Capacity 21TR (75kW) ~ 130TR (457kW)
Cooling Fans 15HP (11.25kW) ~ 57.8HP (17.5kW)
Operation Weight 8,800lb (4,000kg) ~ 38,000lb (17,280kg)

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