Reciprocating Compressor

The HK-series is made for high pressure. The HK-series compressors are used in CO2 refrigeration systems and in HN3 heat pumps. HK-series compressors will directly contribute in achieving your plant energy reduction plan.

  • Optimum Vi at all time
  • High pressure compressor (50 bar)
  • Up to five steps of unloading

When using the HK-series compressor in CO2 refrigeration, it is not necessary to foresee a separate defrosting compressor, as the basic refrigeration compressor can also be used in defrosting mode. HK-series compressor heat pumps contribute directly to important energy savings. The heat pump can produce hot water over 80C with significant reduction of fossil fuels such as gas and oil. HK-series compressors can be used in a wide range of pressures and speeds.

Models 4HK, 6HK
Refrigerant NH3 / CO2
Design Pressure LP 2.5MPa / 363PSI
Design Pressure HP 5.6MPa / 812PSI
Revolution NH3 900~1,600 rpm / CO2 900~1,800 rpm
Driving Method Direct Drive

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