Compound Two-Stage Screw Compressor

The MYCOM C-series compressor gives users the energy benefit of a two stage system in a single, integrated package. Traditional two stage refrigeration systems require two compressors, motors, and oil separators. They also require auxiliary equipment like an intercooler and all the interconnecting piping and valves required to connect to all the components. The MYCOM C-series compressor only uses one.

  • As low as -80F
  • No intercooler necessary
  • 203-8, 120CFM compressor swept volume
  • 18-875 capacity range (at -40/95F)
  • 30~3,000HP motor sizes
  • Over 50 possible model combinations to meet any need

The C-series integrates a two stage refrigeration system into a single, compact package. A single compressor housing and integrated package reduces first cost, installation cost, and maintenance cost for an economically and energy efficient package.
Compound C-series compressors are suitable for low temperature applications where energy savings is important and space is at a premium. The C-series compressor is suitable for Ammonia and Freon applications.

Models over 50 possible combinations
Refrigerant Ammonia, Freon
Revolutions (RPM) 2610 - 3550