Cam has been working in the Western Canadian refrigeration and gas compression industries for over fifteen years. He has spent the majority of his time working in the field as a Service Technician, and is a Red Seal Refrigeration Mechanic. Cam started out by spending a few years performing the fabrication of refrigeration and compression skid packages, which allowed him to work with all of the components of propane refrigeration packages, and he has a lot of experience with their start-up and commissioning. After that he moved into the field and spent the majority of his time performing screw compressor overhauls on gas boosters, and servicing propane refrigeration compressors (including reciprocating models). For the past six years Cam has been working with MYCOM's Oil & Gas Service division, Cam has been responsible for a majority of the field work and start-ups during that time, he also works very closely with our Factory Engineering department to make sure that he can find the most cost efficient way to solve our customers’ problems, big or small.


Joe has been working in the Alberta Refrigeration and Gas compression fields for 25 years. He has also spent the large majority of his time in the field as a Service Technician, and is a Red Seal Refrigeration Mechanic as well. Joe has started up and commissioned countless new refrigeration packages, and gas compression booster packages over the course of his career, and he has been able to review new packages and work out small engineering problems to get the packages running at maximum capacity without requiring drastic repair or remanufacture procedures. Joe has a vast knowledge of screw compressor models and components for MYCOM, Howden, and Frick compressors, and he has serviced all three throughout the course of his career.

Joe has also spent a portion of his career working in fabrication as well, allowing him to gain experience with the various working parts of a compressor package and how they are supposed to work together.


Cory has been working in the industrial and petro-chemical refrigeration and process industry for over 30 years. He is a Red Seal ticketed Journeyman refrigeration mechanic with extensive start-up and plant service and troubleshooting experience. Cory spent several years working with engineers and their design staff on all types of refrigeration, compression, and process systems to enable better efficiency and longevity of the customers’ equipment. Over the duration of his career, Cory has been given the opportunity to train on all major brands of compressors, as well as attend several design courses for the refrigeration industry.

Mycom is excited to announce the expansion of our service department with the addition of a new service depot located in Saskatchewan. Cory resides in Moose Jaw, and will be readily available to help our customers in Saskatchewan and Eastern Alberta, as well as all of our other service areas.