Mayekawa Canada Inc. is pleased to offer our customers a unique and competitive remanufacture and exchange program on our MYCOM screw compressor models that are commonly used in Oil & Gas applications across Western Canada.

Remanufacture & Exchange Program

Our remanufacture shops stock various series’ of compressors, and offer a standard 1-year “parts only” warranty on all of our remanufactures. We also boast the industry leading “Mayekawa Advantage Warranty” as an optional full-spectrum warranty on remanufactured screw compressors for a very competitive price.

Every compressor remanufacture uses only genuine MYCOM parts and specifications, which results in unrivaled reliability, and long lasting equipment. You will receive a newly remanufactured compressor prior to the shutdown, and it is exchanged by a MYCOM mechanic with your compressor that requires maintenance. The new compressor is commissioned and processing resumes before we return to the shop to overhaul the old compressor. This results in minimal downtime, saving you production loss and overall costs.

If the compressor core that has been pulled from your site is beyond repair, you will be charged for the price of the replacement MYCOM Screw Compressor that is now installed on your site.

Other Services

MYCOM’s service mechanics also provide traditional in-frame overhauls of screw and reciprocating compressors, as well as system optimization and troubleshooting for your refrigeration and gas compression systems.

We are also your only option to provide detailed vibration analysis backed by our factory engineering specifications to help provide accurately scheduled maintenance for your screw and reciprocating compressors. This allows you to confidently decide when maintenance is truly required, avoiding service calls for as long as possible when your compressors are still in proper working condition.

Mayekawa is committed to providing you with cost and production saving solutions by engaging our experienced Red Seal refrigeration mechanics who specialize in compressor applications specifically used in the Oil & Gas industry.